Ken Koons, Co-director and Filmmaker

KenKen has worked as a journalist for the Carroll County Times for over thirty years. During that time he has garnered praise and awards for his photographs and numerous creative projects. In addition to his documentary work, Ken is a luthier, carpenter, potter, and blacksmith, focusing primarily on American colonial styles. He is also a professional musician, playing traditional Celtic and Nordic music. See www.wherligig.com.
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Ryan Koons, Co-director, Archivist, Webmaster, and Filmmaker

An ethnomusicologist and oral historian, Ryan is currently a graduate student at the University of California, Los Angeles. He has conducted field research in South Africa, Mississippi, and the American Southeast. Ryan's research interests are varied and include historical and medical ethnomusicology, Native American and European folk traditions, organology (the study of musical instruments), archival studies, and dance. In addition to his documentary work, Ryan is a professional musician, specializing in traditional musics from Scandinavia and the Celtic lands. See www.wherligig.com.
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