Ken Koons began photographing Dale Aukerman and his family in November 1996, shortly after Dale was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The Aukermans welcomed Koons in good times and bad so he could provide a photographic record of family members and how they dealt with Dale's illness.

Scott Blanchard began spending time with Dale Aukerman and his family in February 1998. He talked to the Aukerman family and their friends, and doctors, and read Dale's journals, sermons, letters and other writings. He also spent many hours sitting and talking with Dale in the Aukermans' living room.

Although this series was published well before World Community Productions formed, it was spearheaded by WCP co-director Ken Koons. The subject matter is throughly in keeping with our goal of preserving and disseminating community-based materials. Therefore, we offer it here in full.

Text and photos courtesy of Scott Blanchard, Ken Koons, and the Carroll County Times.

Read the series:

Chapter One, "Start something new"

Chapter Two, "Walking the right way"

Chapter Three, " many undone things"

Chapter Four, "Each day is precious"

Chapter Five, "Praise God for each day"

Chapter Six, "Whenever I am weak, then I am strong"

Chapter Seven "Grace of God, or the grace of life"

Chapter Eight, "He died who he was"

Obituary, "A long journey ending in rest"