Black Liberation Movements Mosaic
A program of the Community Studies Center at Dickinson College during the 2008-2009 year. Students and faculty collaborated in ethnomusicological and oral history research in Cape Town, South Africa; King Williams Town, South Africa; and Coahoma County, Mississippi, USA. Students examined and compared the South African Anti-Apartheid movement and the US Civil Rights Movement. They focussed specifically on black liberation philosophy, lived experiences, memorialization, and music. This website documents their research, and contains an indepth archive of interview transcripts from their field studies. URL:

Carroll County Times
A newspaper focused on news and events in the Carroll County area in central Maryland, USA. URL:

Common Ground on the Hill
A traditional arts program based out of McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland, USA. The institution sponsers two weeks of classes in traditional music, art, dance, and thought as well as the Roots Music and Arts Festival every July. Also sponsers a concert series throughout the year. URL:

Community Studies Center
A research center at Dickinson College fostering faculty-student research in the social sciences. Collaborations often involve local and national comparison, or national and international comparison. URL:

Department of Ethnomusicology, UCLA
One of the oldest and largest ethnomusicology departments in the world. The department has research strengths in almost every world music area. The program offers masters and doctorate degrees, as well as bachelor degrees in world music or jazz.

Dickinson College
A small liberal arts college in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Dickinson focuses on providing students with a global education through the liberal arts philosophy. The college has strengths in every discipline (it only offers a bachelors degree), and a distinctive study-abroad program. URL:

International Council for Traditional Music
An academic society in formal consultative relations with UNESCO. The goal of the society is to further the study, practice, documentation, preservation, and dissemination of music, including folk, popular, classical, and urban music, and dance of all countries. URL:

McDaniel College
A liberal arts college in Westminster, Maryland. McDaniel is home to Common Ground on the Hill, a traditional arts program (see above). URL:

Oral History Association
An academic society gathering together scholars who interpret human memories to foster knowledge and human dignity. Unlike other forms of academic history, members of the Oral History Association generally work with individuals and small communities still alive rather than only through historical records and archives. URL:

Split Log Productions
The for-profit sister media production company of the non-profit World Community Productions. URL:

Society for Ethnomusicology
An academic society which promotes the research, study, and performance of music in all historical periods and cultural contexts. URL:

A performance ensemble specializing in traditional acoustic music from the Celtic and Nordic lands. URL: